About Us

CertedIt is a training organization specializing in quality improvement and leadership through people and practices.

About Us

CertedIt is a training organization specializing in quality improvement and leadership through people and practices. We firmly believe that training and education can build strong communities and next generations for a better tomorrow.

Standards and quality have always been fundamental parts of the world we live in. This is why we intend to enable the capabilities of leaders and businesses within their specialized space, equipping them with a set of approaches of the highest standards.

CertedIt bases its know-how on a network of quality management, leadership, industry expertise, and long-standing experience. We can provide multidisciplinary training to deal with the sophisticated quality and management issues at 360°.

Our training solutions are designed to deliver real value and underpin our clients’ confidence and trust. You don’t just get the certificate; you also get the actual benefits from the particular standards and programs.

Our Story

Our story begins in 2021 with what it truly means to be a learning revolution, stemming from one simple goal — to provide quality training.

CertedIt is founded by our Learning Director, Tan Qin Ji (QJ). A visit to Kasetsart University in Thailand had led him to an epiphany that he wanted to do something that could give back to communities, uphold a sustainable farm to fork system, and create a promising future for the next generations to come.

This sparked off a journey of quality and leadership training that is transformative in the entire food supply chain and the realms of society, environment, and economics.

“We shall not forget the contribution of the farmers to the nation-building, whatever you learn from university, are your responsibilities to contribute back your knowledge to the farmer.” – King Rama IX, Kasetsart University.

Quality can mean a lot of things. But for us, it is to equip our trainers with vast experience and know-how in their respective industries, enabling them to deliver assurance to our clients.

At CertedIt, we also see quality as a connected whole:

• Giving our clients the tools and assurance needed to safeguard consumers’ safety.

• Driving business growth and enhancing customer satisfaction.

• Embracing sustainability and forging a better future.

CertedIt offers more than just training. We also guarantee that our certificates are unforgeable to prevent fraud and unlawful practices. All certificates are identifiable only by us. This assurance means that you can have 100% confidence in the certifications that you receive at CertedIt.

We consider our customer’s entire quality system journey. CertedIt’s dedication, efforts, and commitment to promoting quality assurance are integrated into every part of our operations. We aim to transcend industries and transform how quality training is viewed worldwide – today and into the future.

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