FSSC 22000 v6 – Latest!

As you all well know that FSSC 22000 v6 was launch 1st April 2023. Main factors that initiated the development of this version due to:

1) incorporating the requirements of ISO 22003-1:2022

2) Strengthening the requirements to support organizations in their contributions to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

3) Editorial changes and amendments as part of continuous improvement

FSSC 22000 v6 updated their categories as below:

Handling of Plants (Category B)

Food Manufacturing (Category C)

Animal Feed Production (Category D)

Catering/food service (Category E)

Trading, Retail, Wholesale and E-Commerce (Category F)

Transport and Storage (Category G)

Production of Food Packaging and Packaging Materials (Category I)

Production of Bio/chemicals (Category K)

The advantages of being FSSC 22000 certified. These benefits may include:

  • Enhanced food safety and quality.
  • Improved regulatory compliance.
  • Increased consumer trust and confidence.
  • Stronger supply chain relationships.
  • Reduced risks of product recalls and liabilities.

They are under the umbrella of Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) which has been given full recognition since 2010. GFSI recognition demonstrates that the Scheme meets the highest standards globally, leading to international food industry acceptance.

Training Modules

Understanding FSSC22000 v6

Number of Days: 1

Course Summary
This course helps you understand the Standard’s general principles.

Implementing FSSC22000 v6

Number of Days: 2

Course Summary
This course teaches the Standard’s general principles and compliance with its requirements. You also learn what to expect during the certification process; what to do before, during, and after the audit.

FSSC22000 Internal Auditor

Number of Days: 2

Course Summary
This course prepares you to conduct FSSC internal audits. It includes workshop-led discussions, presentations, and an interactive case study.

Food Fraud and
Food Defense Awareness

Number of Days: 1

Course Summary
This course provides manufacturers with an in-depth understanding of Food Fraud and Food Defense practical to their industry.

Food Fraud and
Food Defense Implementation

Number of Days: 2

Course Summary
This course guides you through conducting internal audits and This This course gives manufacturers a complete understanding of food fraud and food defense techniques and how you can apply them in your industry. You’ll learn techniques to detect and prevent food fraud.

Food Safety Culture Implementation

Number of Days: 2

Course Summary
Safety Culture is organizational culture, leadership, and behavioral concepts regardless of business size or product scope.
You’ll learn the importance of a positive product safety culture, the role of senior management leadership, the impact of attitudes and behavior on product safety culture, and how to develop a product safety culture plan, including engaging staff and encouraging their involvement.

Allergen Awareness

Number of Days: 1

Course Summary
This training course has been designed for types of allergens in food to help gain an understanding allergen in food, understand the standard requirements and to provide guidance on implementing a preventative, risk-based allergens in Food Management System.

Food Safety Related Environmental Monitoring

Number of Days: 1

Course Summary
This course provides manufacturers with a deep understanding of tools and techniques for Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment and how to apThis course teaches you how to use environmental monitoring to identify potential microbiological risks in production and open product areas and different sampling methods and key elements of a correction action procedure.
This is valuable when implementing an environmental monitoring program based on the industry’s best practices.

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